Don’t spent a lot of time & money on building solutions you think your customers want.

Experiment to test, validate and create real value.

I am working on an innovation project and
I want to make sure I am making the “RIGHT DECISIONS
I want to learn more about..

My customers.. and what they need

In a rapidly-changing world, your customers' expectations, needs and habits change just as fast. So it’s more relevant than ever to keep learning what motivates them and what does not.

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My solution.. and how to test if it solves the problem

In this phase you already validated the problem and now you want to test if your solution actually solves this problem.

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My solution.. and if my customer is willing to pay

When you’re testing your solution, respondents may have a tendency to give you socially desirable answers and for example say that they like the solution and are willing to pay for it. However, what people say often differs from how they actually behave. And that’s why it’s important to validate the demand side as well.

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My product... and how to attract new customers

Once you have that great new product or service, it is time to bring it to the market. Of course you can sell it to your existing client base, but there is probably a lot more potential when you are able to reach new customers as well.

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My product... and how to optimize how it is used

You know the needs of your customers right now, and know what features they like to use. But these are not set in stone, the world is always changing and so are your customers. Therefore it’s important to keep optimizing your product or service after it has launched.

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My product.. and how to increase sales?

So your product/service solves a problem, attracts users and they actually use it. Now it’s time to make sure it’s contributing to the viability of your business, it’s time to increase your revenue!

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