Comprehension Test

Does your customer understand the message that you are communicating?

You can find the answer by conducting a comprehension test. These are simple to run and can usually take less than an hour.

The aim is to test if at least 80% of your customers display a positive conversion in understanding your message. Sample sizes of your test should generally be around 20 people, which don’t need to be your target customers. As you are testing if people understand your value proposition, not whether they are interested in it.

A comprehension test can also be used to test the content of your mailings or surveys to ensure that it makes sense in the way you intended it to make sense.

So how does it work?

Write out your value proposition in 1-3 sentences. Show it to participants for just enough time to read it, then take it away. Finally, ask participants to explain the value proposition back to you in their own words. If the explanation is roughly comparable to your own, count it as a positive result. If 20 people participate, you want 80% to understand your message.

Any Questions?

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