Expert Interview

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. To deeply understand how your customer is currently solving their problem, it might be helpful to interview an expert in the field. The world is full of experts, their knowledge is covering almost every topic possible. 

An expert should be a ‘know it all’ and therefore also knows how a problem can currently be solved. An expert interview does not focus on the respondent’s perception, but on his or her specific knowledge, expertise or background. This means that the interviewee must have in-depth knowledge of a specific subject.

It’s important to know who the experts of your product or service are. You need to determine who, in the area you are researching, is an expert. You can determine an expert by identifying certain characteristics, such as knowledge, experience, credibility and credentials.

An interview with an expert is similar to an interview with a customer: let the person tell his story. Always ask how that person came to certain insights. Are they based on expert opinion or backed by research? 

As a last step, try to translate the information from the expert review to valuable insights for your initiative. 

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