MOM Test

Especially in the early stages, when trying to validate your problem or solution the “wrong” conclusion from a customer interview might lead to a failure down the road. 

The MOM test will help you ask the right questions, to find out if there really is a problem. 

Why is it called the Mom test? Your mom would always be polite. And tell you that your idea is a great idea. This counts for your customers as well, they might not tell the truth because they might feel that would be impolite or hurt your feelings. They will just tell you that they like your idea and they will pay for it when available. But this is often not the case.

To cut to the chase and figure out if there’s real interest or a real problem, here are some tips:

  • Don’t just ask if your business idea is a good idea
  • Don’t mention your ideas (too soon), talk about their life and experiences instead
  • Ask about specifics about the PAST instead of generics and opinions about the FUTURE
  • You aren’t allowed to tell them their problem and in return they aren’t allowed to tell you what to build. Put it simply, they own the problem, you own the solution!
  • Don’t pitch your idea during customer conversations. If you do, recognize it and correct it. Pitching an idea means that you are trying to seek an approval
  • You should be asking questions that have the potential to destroy your currently imagined business/idea, else you are seeking for approval

Video MOM Test

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