My product… and how to attract new customers

Once you have that great new product or service, it is time to bring it to the market.

Of course you can sell it to your existing client base, but there is probably a lot more potential out there assuming that you are able to reach these new customers.

Finding out where they are and which channels they use is essential to growing your sales beyond your existing customer base.

Q. How and through which channels can I reach my (potential) customers?

A marketing channel is a platform or a tactic which you can use to communicate your marketing message to your target audience. 

One of the main challenges is choosing the right channel and the right message to communicate. Due to social media and digitalization in general, there are many channels available. Often businesses can’t support a full-time specialist marketer, so how do you pick the right channels that will give a good return on investment?

Q. How do I know what call-to-action converts best for my customer?

When you know what channel works, it is time to put all your efforts into acquiring as many visitors as possible from that channel. 

The best experiment is to optimize the messaging of your advertising and a/b test to see what converts best.

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