Online Ads

Online advertisements are designed to make people curious about a company, product or service. You can use services like Google, Facebook and Linkedin to test your offering with the particular target audience that you want to reach. 

It’s a quick and easy experiment to test if people are attracted to your (new) proposition or key feature. The number of clicks can tell you something about the quality of the channel, whether the proposition appeals to customers and if they want to buy it. 

It is easy and important to test different kinds of social media advertising at the same time. This will help you to validate which proposition or messaging converts best.

Launching an advertisement is different for each channel, but in general there are 8 steps that you should follow:

  1. Choose your target audience
  2. Choose your platform
  3. Decide on a budget
  4. Craft a message
  5. Develop creative Assets (image, video, etc.
  6. Determine measurements of success 
  7. Set-up a tracking for this metric(s)
  8. Launch your Ad!

Tools Online Ads

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