Storyboarding is an effective method to give your solution more depth by adding a visual component. It helps to zoom in on a specific scenario or situation and helps you to better understand the behavior of your target group. Which steps does a person take and in which order?  

It will help you to tell the story of a certain use case through a series of drawings or pictures. Each step in the scenario is represented visually in a sequence. The steps can be sketches, illustrations, or photos.

By visually plotting out elements of your product/service, you can learn a lot about your idea. Not only will this method help you refine your idea, but it can also reveal how it will be used.

It is important to define a clear starting point – one that your target group understands and can relate to. If chosen properly, you can easily build on that. 

Follow these steps in order to create your storyboard:

  1. Choose a specific situation to storyboard. You don’t have to storyboard your entire service/product. Rather choose a situation that you want to detail more, a specific interaction.
  2. Make a story of how this situation works and draw it frame by frame, f.e. in comic book-style.
  3. Simply draw the sequence of steps.

You don’t have to be a great artist or designer to create a great storyboard! It’s more important that it helps you fully think through your concept, than create something that looks beautiful.

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