Crowdfunding is a good way to test if the wider public  is interested  in your solution before you build it. Unlike pre-sales, crowdfunding  targets a wide audience, so also people outside your direct target group. Hence, the level of interest measured through crowdfunding is less reliable.

Crowdfunding is best suited as an experiment when you have  an MVP version of your product. The campaign gives you insights on potential demand, willingness to pay and often it’s possible for “backers” to share their feedback too. 

 A crowdfunding campaign is only successful when it meets  a minimum sales target. Only then, you will receive the funding and are required to fulfil orders. 

Since a  6 month fulfilment time for these campaigns are considered normal, crowdfunding campaigns allow you much more time to deliver the product than regular sales. Also, crowdfunding backers are often early adopters who are a bit more tolerant of small product issues and delays.

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